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Tony Abbott John Howard has won government and now has the right and duty to present to Parliament the program on which he was elected re-elected. Anyone who challenges that ... should go sit in a corner and not annoy the rest of the country. (Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 5 October 2013 1998, p. 12) citation needed

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The Australian Centre for Health Research (who made the submission to the Commission of Audit was established by several health funds and private hospitals Already it seems that the paper that put forward this proposal, published in October by the Australian Centre for Health Research, has disappeared from the centre's website. The head of the Australian Centre for Health Research hit back at claims from doctors and welfare groups that mandatory "co-payments" would prompt a stampede to public hospital emergency wards where the states are not able to charge fees. The head of the ACHR hits back at claims that mandatory 'co-payments' would prompt a stampede to public hospital emergency wards where the states are not able to charge fees The RAND Health Insurance Experiment found that cost sharing reduced 'inappropriate' medical care but also 'appropriate' medical care The report: A proposal for affordable cost sharing for GP services funded by Medicare (Oct 2013)

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The Federal Opposition has attacked the Government for spending $2,000 a day for a communications adviser to help with the Coalition's plan to sell Medibank Private.

NBN Co’s head of construction will depart the company after a year in the job, marking the latest of three construction bosses to leave NBN Co in under three years.]

MYEFO documents reveal the Government will rip away $15 million from the Neonatal Unit at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide. This funding was committed in the Budget by Labor so Flinders Medical Centre could expand their overstretched facilities.]

The scrutiny of Twitter, Facebook and blogs is part of $4.3 million worth of research contracts commissioned by the federal government in its first five months of office.]

The New York Times says the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) offered to share with the US National Security Agency (NSA) its surveillance of an American law firm that was representing Indonesia in trade disputes with the US.] Guardian article

"I'm very confident that we can acquire access, ownership if you like, of the last mile copper for no additional payment,"]

March 2014[]

While authorities have resisted calls for an evacuation, the elderly and children have been urged on Friday to leave the Morwell South community.] As the poisonous smog clears from the Morwell blaze, government plans to amp up the state's reliance on dirty but cheap brown coal are becoming clearer.

The Government is considering changes to the laws, which currently prevent common ownership of radio, television stations and newspapers in the same market, rules designed to encourage media ownership diversity.]

"This new form of user-charging, I suspect, is unlikely to ever be adopted by any government."]

The legislation, which will be separate to the red-tape bills, will remove the catch-all requirement for financial advisers to act in clients' "best interests". It will also re-allow sales commissions and other forms of conflicted remuneration where advice is general in nature.]

"It's a false economy because if you don't give people assistance in order to fill in these complex legal documents, they will wind up being reviewed and reviewed and they will wind up in the courts,"]

April 2014[]

He pointed to a number of guiding principles, which included reduced protection and handouts for business, increased co-payments for government services for higher-income earners, and more targeting of the welfare system to boost the participation rate. The treasurer argued that government should not be active when the private sector could fulfil adequately the need or the function.]

May 2014[]

for crises. The fuel tanks were capped to prevent any refuelling.]

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme — Tools For Your Trade, Displaced Persons Programme]

co-payments. They also say that doctors that do not charge the co-payment will face a financial disincentive.]

World Heritage Committee’s concerns about the Great Barrier Reef] It said it would not finance an expansion without the assurance of both the Government and UNESCO that it would not damage the Great Barrier Reef.

royal commission into child abuse. Another $2.7 million was redirected from funding provided to the department that was not required for witnesses to commission.]