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CAN DO Campbell Newman is the not-corrupt premier of QLD and

Dental plan...

the leader of the not-corrupt LNP party. He led the LNP to a record victory of 78 seats (of a total of 89) in QLD parliament giving him a total majority. For those of you good at maths you’ll see that’s almost a complete obliteration of all opposition.

Let’s have a look at some of what Campbell Newman has implemented:

Jazz hands

who then went on to:

Uhhhhh rights? What?

The charges were quietly unveiled by the Queensland Competition Authority and the state government in July.]

mmmm oppression

But after all that he’s still:

So really the only group he hasn’t fucked with yet are white heterosexual males (unless they ride bikes, or know someone who rides bikes... or have ever seen a motorbike....)

A poll has indicated that he would lose his seat of Ashgrove if an election was held today (Nov 27 2013 A new opinion poll shows Queensland Premier Campbell Newman would probably lose his Brisbane seat if an election was held this weekend (Feb 16 2014)

Queensland motorbike rider simulator

British newspaper, The Independent, describes Queensland as adopting populist, hard-line laws 'reminiscent of Soviet Russia and Hitler’s Germany'

During the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson, Pope Francis was given two white Harley-Davidsons for the Vatican police force, as well as a black leather vest with an eagle on the back.

Three months into the campaign by the Queensland government against outlaw motorcycle gangs, some meaningful analysis of the effectiveness and justification for the unprecedented measures is possible. Officers as part of Operation Resolute, created in response to offending behaviour of Criminal Motorcycle Gangs (CMGs), have arrested 384 people on 817 charges since October 6. But of the 817 charges, only 28 – or 3.4% – can be considered “organised crime” type charges such as drug trafficking and extortion. In Queensland, 73,309 offences were reported in October and November 2013. Bikies accounted for only 1% of these offences.

Clive Palmer says PUP will contest Queensland election, vows to repeal all Newman legislation: "The only separation of powers we want is Campbell Newman out of Parliament,"

The Queensland Government have released a working draft of their 30-year vision for Queensland, your feedback is encouraged here